Religious Freedom in the US – Ana Dolorit

This site presents information about religious freedom in the US. Its three compositions (poem, survey, canvas) were created for an ENC 2135 portfolio.

Instructor: Britt Barron


Save Her Sister

Recently, I see her everywhere.

On my walk through Capitol Park,

she was there.

When a family posed in front of a monument,

and pointed to the In God We Trust engraving,

she took their picture.

In the Christian Church I passed on my way

to the coffee shop,

she helped the priest up the steps.

In the coffee shop, when I had to stop

for the crying girl in rainbow sneakers

running out with empty hands,

she held the door open for her.

As I strained my vision to read we have the right

to refuse service to anyone,

she handed me my glasses.

Before the tired barista could grab a remote to

change the channel from an angry President,

she raised the volume.  

As my decaf vanilla latte was given to me

with a misspelled name and an extra packet of sugar,

she wrote the words May God Bless You on my cup.

I didn’t take the cup. I asked her if she had siblings.

She said yes and no. She said she used to.

She said her and her sister had the same name,

but they were not the same, and there could only be one.

She said her sister was much older, she said her sister was dying.

She said they were both created by powerful men,

but for different purposes. She said her purpose was so clear,

that it turned transparent and everyone missed it.

She said that she shouldn’t have told me that.

And then I asked her for her name,

and she said Religious Freedom.

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